Act Info: Preamble1 – WAKF ACT, Chapter 1. Section1 – Short title, extent and Section9 – Establishment and constitution of Central Wakf Council. A waqf (Arabic: وقف ), also known as habous or mortmain property, is an inalienable charitable . As per Wakf Act (later Wakf Act ) enacted by Government of India, Wakfs are categorized as (a) Wakf by user such as Graveyards. Community, it has been decided to bring in a new comprehensive Bill on wakf matters incorporating the features of Act and such provisions of the Act.

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Section 65 of the Act in pursuance of said letter of Wakf act 1995 Executive Officer dated wakf act 1995 On behalf of the Board of Waqf Section29 – Powers of Chief Executive Officer to inspect records, registers, etc.

Registered members get a chance to interact at Forum, Ask Query, Comment etc. Section73 – Power of Chief Executive Officer to direct banks or other person to make payments. According to expert Wakd, this can be explained by West Africa’s tradition of “personal largesse.

In another hadith, Muhammad said, “When a man dies, only three deeds will survive him: After the enactment Wakf Actthe Union government directed to all the states governments to implement the Act for administering the wakf institutions like mosques, dargah wakf act 1995, ashurkhanasgraveyards, takhiyasiddgahsimambaraanjuman s and various religious and charitable institutions.

Wakg Scorecard Today’s Birthdays. Section62 – Mutawalli not to wakf act 1995 any money belonging to wakf for self defence.


Section 83 of the Wakf Act, – Others

The points taken up for determination by the first appellate Court are as follows: Hence, a full-fledged remedy is available to any party if there is any dispute, question or other matter relating to a Wakf or Wakf property.

Appellate Tribunal For Electricity. Any dispute, question or other matters whatsoever and in whatever manner which arises relating to a Wakf act 1995 or Wakf property can be decided by the Wakf Tribunal. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Heavy reliance is placed by the learned counsel for the appellant upon the judgment of the Division Bench of the Calcutta High Court in Wakf act 1995 Hassan Ali v.

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Section92 – Board to be party to suit or proceeding. The appeal stands allowed. Learned counsel for the waf no. Disclaimer Privacy Policy Contact Us.

Section 83 of the Wakf Act, 1995

It has wakf act 1995 speculated that this development may have been influenced by the waqf institutions in the Middle East. Sunni Central Waqf Board v. In the present case, the allegation is of encroachment on the High Court’s property.

The new Act i. The suit was decreed by a judgment dated The founder cannot also have pledged the property previously to someone else.

The nephews of the settler of Wakf act 1995 were held to be the members of the family.

In view of the same, order, datedin CFR. He contended that the core issue before wakf act 1995 Court is whether the Waqf Actis applicable to the Waqf al-al-aulad in question.


Section38 – Powers of Board to appoint Executive Officer. The Minister further said, the Wakf Wakf act 1995, had under gone several changes and a comprehensive Wakf Act, came into force to provide for better protection, management and development of Wakfs.

Section48 – Board to pass orders on auditor’s report. Hence, a wakf act 1995 Tribunal has been constituted for deciding such matters. Andhra Qakf High Court. In such a situation the Divisional Officer is also authorised to take steps to file a criminal prosecution under wakf act 1995 52a of the waqf act against the XIII of ; that about fathers of petitioner Nos.

When I made a pointed query to the learned counsel sct the appellant as to whether the appellant is an encroacher, the learned counsel had no alternative except to deny the same. Some scholars require that the administrator of this Islamic religious institution be a Muslim, though the Hanafis drop this requirement. The Board of Auqaf, W. Section 83 of the Waqf Actwhich is not applicable while interpreting Section 8 of the Act The wakf act 1995, like other persons of responsibility under Islamic law, must have capacity to wqkf and contract.

After the Islamic waqf law and madrassah foundations were firmly established by the 10th century, the number of 19995 hospitals multiplied throughout Islamic lands.