Have an excellent copy of a Rescue owners manual Free just the Universal Music Pinball Machine (WHITE) AMP SPEAKER LED mod. Hi guys, in the process of restoring a Rescue Pinball by Gottlieb. I have a manual on order from Marco but was wondering in the mean time. The Rescue coin-operated Pinball by Premier / Gottlieb (circa ), and it’s history and background, photos, repair help, manuals, for sale and wanted lists.

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Rick Stetta did a few lane passes, though. The mode ends when either timer expires or you collect the “Extra Bawl” har har. R also has “countdown” shots, and those are true hurry-up shots, i.

The only awards are Super Countdown 50M at the Cave-in standup and 5 lives. rescue 911 pinball manual

There is a post near the top end manuxl the trail that holds locked balls think SF2. Here’s how Multiball and modes interact: The slings are rectangular, instead of the more common triangle shape, which makes the inlanes angled toward the center of the board. The jackpot starts at 10M. Shoot rescue 911 pinball manual ramp, catch that ball on the top flipper, and catch the ball you just shot into the jackpot lane as it comes off the main habitrail.

During normal play, hitting the rescue 911 pinball manual advances the bumper value for a short time. This is a sinkhole behind the bumper standup-kicker target.

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Thanx go out to the folks at the Pinathon for giving me the chance to see rescke new and old Gottliebs that I’d only heard of before. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Playfield maunal [Mark Culbert].

It is used to hit the cave-in targets, the Lock Sinkhole, and the Emergency Room. I assume this is gone? The inlane lights piball Rescue target.

Rescue Pinball Machine (Gottlieb, ) | Pinside Game Archive

Cabinet – Front x [Federico Ravagnati]. He was in the final round too, and he was the rescue 911 pinball manual one who knew anything about the game.

This page was optimised for printing. Kevin Martin sigma rahul. When pinvall, it adds 3M to the currently lit bonus blue or red. That new mode will be the one you play, but it will be Multiball. This game has received 60 approved Pinsider ratings and currently has resue rating of 6.

Can’t help with s pdf but I do have a few new parts for if needed Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Thanks for that. There are NO special sounds or eye-catching rescue 911 pinball manual when you light either of these shots, and if the shot happens to be lit for a mode, it’s tough to tell if the Hurry-Up award is lit. Lives rrescue a sort of count-up feature, but they’re also designed to be the Life Force rescur bonus.


The ball is fed to the right flipper after it’s launched. Once the ball makes it up the ramp, it goes rescue 911 pinball manual all the way back to the back side of the playfield and falls into a lane that feeds the top flipper. There’s nothing worth hitting at the top of the playfield.

The inlane lights the Rescue target. Closing Remarks Well, I always wanted to maintain a rule sheet for a new pinbapl. The rescue 911 pinball manual time the ball is supposed to fall in here is when it’s dropped off the helicopter at the start of a mode. It’s similar to the Metamorphosis effects on Bride of Pinbot.

RESCUE 911 (Gottlieb) Manual

A really nice sound and light show starts. Don’t look at the display for help, though–you have to nanual on the lights to know what to shoot for. There two bonuses called “red value” and “blue value” which are alternately available here during one-ball play.

You rescue 911 pinball manual the ball, and whatever is lit when the ball hits a switch in the habitrail, you get.