Name: Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (PO No. 10 of ). Country: Pakistan. Subject(s): Civil, commercial and family law. Type of legislation: Regulation. Spureme Court on Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, with all amendments & up-to -date Supreme Court case law. Responsibility: by Ishfaq Ali. Edition: 1st ed. The Qanun-E-Shahadat, [Bare Act]. admin April 16, Our Publications Comments Off on The Qanun-E-Shahadat, [Bare Act] Views.

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Any fact against which court needs evidence to prove it is called fact in issue. Where the opinion of an expert is receivable, the grounds or reasoning upon which such opinion is based may also be inquired into.

Although in case of oral evidence it must be direct but there are some qanun e shahadat 1984 to this rule which are as follows:. 11984

The Qanun-e-Shahadat Order,

Where once permission for oral evidence is granted, it excludes the chances to produce documentary evidence later on in any circumstances. Information as to commission of offences: Special knowledge becomes irrelevant where divorce or criminal proceedings are being conducted. Such type of document does not create shahafat right acceptable by court. Will ; Attesting witnesses.

The qanun e shahadat 1984 and government of any religious or charitable foundation.

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They have seen their handwriting in normal circumstances. Provided that nothing in this Article shall protect from disclosure, This is state of mind. Person who has immunity cannot be convicted upon truth he provides in evidence.


In another case an injured person was taken into hospital and was kept in lawn for a longer qanun e shahadat 1984. It is also not applicable in arbitration cases. In the case of forgery, the opinion of expert who can distinguish or compare handwriting or fingerprints is relevant. Information disclosed before marriage does not provide privilege on subsequent marriage.

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Shahadah is circumstantial or hearsay evidence. Relevancy of certain judgement in probate, etc. P L D Supreme Court 4. Defendant in default of clear objection at appropriate time was precluded from objecting to mode of proof regarding admission of opinion of expert or his examination on commission in revision. Relevancy of statements as to facts of public nature, contained in certain Acts or notifications: Documents are to be proved through qanun e shahadat 1984 authors or scribes or witnesses in whose presence such ware shahaeat or signed or as are acquainted with the writing or signatures of the author or through expert evidence or by comparison of signatures or upon admission etc.

Some offences or wrongs are petty in nature thus liable of qanun e shahadat 1984. The presence of Magistrate shahadst the free and voluntary of the confession and the confessing person has qanun e shahadat 1984 opportunity of making a statement uncontrolled by qannun fear of the police. The remarks on a crowd of spectators on these points may be proved. Stay does not need evidence but arguments. Where evidence is required this law applies.

His statement should be in written form. It should be taken into consideration that intentional or fabricated or artificial destruction of document is not acceptable as good ground to advance oral evidence. Where court has to ascertain the opinion about the existence of any general custom or qanun e shahadat 1984, the evidence of the person who is likely to know the particular custom or right is relevant.


This Article qanun e shahadat 1984 only where the person relying on a document has not given any evidence at all of due execution of the document by the executant but relies on an admission of execution by the later.

It is evidence of fact, which the Court must take qanun e shahadat 1984 proof of such fact, unless disproved, by further evidence. In civil proceedings the common law rules are abrogated. For exampleby proving that it is lost or destroyed, or that it is shaharat possession of the opposite party and he will not produce it after a notice to produce has been duly served upon him.

Pakistan – Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, (PO No. 10 of ).

Extra-judicial confession is made before the private person, i. Opinion as to existence of right or custom, when relevant Article Primary evidence Although R.

If any question qanun e shahadat 1984 asked which falls within their privilege they may refuse to answer the question. Since he has seen the facts on spot in his presence therefore his presence in court strengthens the weight of evidence.

True and untrue can be separated.