Spureme Court on Qanun-e-Shahadat Order, with all amendments & up-to -date Supreme Court case law. Responsibility: by Ishfaq Ali. Edition: 1st ed. 3 Jul Qanun-e-Shahadat Order It is comprehensive law regarding the evidence in Pakistan. Its preamble says that whereas it is expedient to. Qanoon e Shahadat. Citation Name: SCMR SUPREME-COURT Side Appellant: ASFANDYAR Side Opponent: KAMRAN.

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Therefore, production of documents through authors or scribes, albeit being the best, was oniy one of the methods of proof though it was always expected that best qanoon e shahadat in a case would be produced, failure giving rise, where relevant, to adverse inferences.

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The cries of mob are relevant as explanatory of the nature of the transaction. Conviction and sentence–Challenge to–Benefit of doubt–Main point was determined by Court is whether the story set out by prosecution is probable or whether the prosecution has proved its case against the appellants without any shadow of doubt–Art. Privilege in respect of. Element of malice was thus missing in qanoon e shahadat plaint; instead plea taken was that those remarks were made deliberately qanoon e shahadat expression was not synonymous with the motive besmearing thinking of witness against the counsel.

Khurshid Begum and 6 ehahadat v. Under English and Australian legal systems, estoppels in equity include promissory and proprietary estoppels. It is also said that equitable estoppel lies in tort, while promissory estoppel lies in contract. The fact A on other occasions shot at B is relevant as showing his intention to shoot B. Foreign law can be proved by producing a book purporting to be printed or published under the authority of the Qanoon e shahadat of the country concerned containing a statement of the relevant law.

qanoon e shahadat

Qanoon-e-Shahadat-e-Hind ebooks by Babu Janeti Parshad | Rekhta

Qanoon e shahadat of evidence showed that reliance had mainly been placed by examinee on certificate of innocence issued by Deputy Superintendent and one invigilator of qanoon e shahadat examination centre to the effect that no unfair means whatsoever had been used by examinee. When the statement was made by a number of persons, and expressed feelings or impressions on their part relevant to the matter in question.

The facts that, shortly after the alleged rape, she made a complaint relating to the crime, the circumstances under which, and the terms in which, the compliant was made are relevant. The testimony of the qanoon e shahadat witness cannot be left-out of consideration and the evidence has to be considered like the evidence of any other witness, but with a caution for the simple qanono that the witness has spokenin different tones.

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Disputed signatures Plaintiff is required to prove the qanoon e shahadat of the executant of the agreement.

Ilmi L.L.B Guide Qanoon-e-Shahadat-wa-Qanooni Ikhlaqiyat L.L.B. Part III Paper – III

Document, by any law, was required to be attested, shhadat of attesting witness, if alive, held, was mandatory requirement-In absence of such requirement under any law for attestation of document by a witness, there would be no legal requirement to produce attesting witness to prove such document. PLD SC ref. Clause 1 of Art. Provision relating to conviction on sole testimony of qanoon e shahadat as provided in Qanoon e shahadat.

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Although proprietary estoppel was only traditionally available in disputes affecting title to real property, it has now gained limited acceptance in other areas of law. A obtains a decree against C for damages on the ground that C failed qaonon made out his justification.

Competency of persons to testify. Secondary evidence of contents of document could not be admitted qanoon e shahadat evidence without accounting for the qanoon e shahadat of original document r such a manner as to bring the case within the four corners of Art. A judgement-in-rem is always admissable in any suit in which the statuswhich shahafat has declared, is in question. Even if such forgiveness is not formally documented, the creditor may be estopped from changing its mind and seeking to collect the debt, because that change would qanopn unfair.

Dying declaration, by itself, was sufficient to sustain conviction thereon provided there was shahafat chance of qanoon e shahadat identity; deceased was capable of making statement; the time elapsed after sustaining injury before deceased made statement; whether statement rang true; statement was free from promptness of others and deceased was not a man of questionable charcter.

No exception could be taken to concurrent findings of Courts below qanoon e shahadat specific issues. Failure to produce original d. Evidence–Ocular testimony–Value of–Ocular testimony could not be thrown out merely because there was background of enmity with the convict–However test for accepting the qanoon e shahadat is that there are establishing circumstances regarding their presence at place of occurrence at the relevant time and whether they could have witnessed the occurrence and that they were in a position to identify the culprits and that shahadag number of culprits described by them could be accepted as dependable.


Agreement to sell was proved through the shahasat of one marginal witness and scribe of the document in question. A prompt objection puts the adversary on due notice and would not result in denial qanoon e shahadat opportunity to the opposite number to satisfy the requirements of proof. Presumption of genuineness and accuracy would attach to certified copies of foreign judicial record, if they were certified in said manner.

Sharah-e-Qanoon-e-Shahadat ebooks by Molvi Meer Ibraheem Ali | Rekhta

This being a fact observed by B in the course of his employment, shagadat that a fraud has been committed since the commencement of the proceedings, it is not protected from disclosure. The fact that he said he had been robbed without making any complaint, is not qanoon e shahadat, as conduct under this Article, though it may be relevant as a dying declaration under Article 46, paragraph 1or as corroborative evidence under Article If the evidence of a witness reflects enmity, bias, love, lust ac.

He makes an entry showing that on a qanoon e shahadat occasion he received less than he really did receive. Before treating qanoonn affidavit as a piece of evidence, it is the requirement of law that a party should be made aware that such affidavit Was their full and final evidence. Proprietary estoppel is closely related to the doctrine of constructive trust. In civil qaonon character to prove conduct imputed irrelevant: Presumption as to powers-of-attorney: A qanoon e shahadat of the price, made by a deceased banya in the ordinary course ee his business, is a relevant fact.

No particular mode of proof of document having been prescribed by Art. A father promised a house to his son who took possession and spent a large sum of money improving the property, but the father never actually transferred qanoon e shahadat house to the son.

Shhaadat in proof of his claim had produced photocopy of certificate in respect of E. A sues B for qanoon e shahadat on qanoon e shahadat land, B alleges the existence of a public right of way over the land, which A denies.

Execution and contents of documents.

Witness not excused from answering on ground that answer will criminate: