hey all – just got in my new Puxing PX-2R sans english manual.. anyone have a pdf version handy? thanks!. Puxing PX-2R Manual by SouthwestPinzgauerAssociation. 28 photos. 4 Sep I have one of theses radios no box or manual anyone know of a quick . I’ve disassembled the PX-2R and put up instructions with photos and.

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Puxing also added UHF receive only capability to the VHF transcieve function making it nice to monitor 70cm frequencies. My particular radio has issues.

If Puxing were to come out with a 2M version I wouldn’t hesitate to buy it. There’s not too much to see, all the IC’s are on one side of the board, and puxong entire radio consists of only 7!! I puxing px 2r manual I’m ok on the PC end.

Author Post time Subject Direction: Janual feels sturdy and the recieve audio sounds clear and I get good reports on transmit audio. I found the radio easy to figure out and program, and audio is great both ways. I was even more pleasantly surprised as Puxing had fixed a couple of puxing px 2r manual minor issues with the original radio and added some features as well.


Puxing PX plus user manual. No registered users and 1 guest.


The software was contaminated and would ;x open so I downloaded it off the internet. Only took 1 puxing px 2r manual to get it! After that I was able to program it. Your best bet is puxing px 2r manual order a serial cable with a DB-9 connector and get a USB-Serial dongle with a puxng Prolific chip to program the radio.

As I live in Kansas, I have zero problems working the “local” 70cm repeater, even though it’s over 10 miles away!

Very poor tx audio reported to me with just about every transmission. The radio works well but the manual is not much help except for the basics of operation.

PUXING PX-2R VHF Plus (VHF TX/RX) (UHF RX Only) Dual receive

As with my other Puxing, the build quality is outstanding and I wish they would build a 2 meter version! I bought a pair of these while I was in China.

It uses a nokia battery with quit long lifetime before puxing px 2r manual have to recharge it. I pretty much echo everything said so far. It maual read the contents of the radio but displayed puxing px 2r manual data in all of the fields. You have to learn the radio as you go to get puxing px 2r manual functions set. Well built, easy to program, and the fact that it uses a pucing cell phone battery that Puxing px 2r manual can buy off the shelf almost anywhere is a plus.


The FM radio is a nice feature to have also. Our website is made possible by displaying online advertisements to our visitors.

Antenna is sma connection. I found one ham on the Web who has instruction on modifying it. Great little radio but the puxing px 2r manual including the manual and programming software could use some improvement. However having had one of these in the lab albeit briefly I cannot reccomend it for serious comms particularly on hilltops near shared mast sites. I don’t know puxing px 2r manual it’s made by Puxing, or if it’s any good, but it appears the same.

It still has a slight audio pop as the squelch closes but that seems to be much lower than that on my older UHF PX-2R. Taking the PX-2R apart is not an easy task, you will need to use a soldering iron in 2 places to get the PCB off the chassis. Page 7 QTX radioscanner.