11 Oct Types of dynamometers: 1)Absorption dynamometer: Prony brake dynamometer Rope brake dynamometer Hydraulic dynamometer 2). 2. Rope brake dynamometer. Prony Brake Dynamometer. A simplest form of an absorption type dynamometer is a Prony brake dynamometer, as shown in Fig. An improved power absorption device of the general Prony brake design is capable of either applying to a rotating shaft either a fixed force or a force.

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Prony brake dynamometer works on the principle of converting power into heat by dry friction. Prony brake dynamometer resulting heat build-up is transferred through the finned, high-heat transfer lateral walls of the drum to water in a tank in which the rotating drum is located.

An alternate mechanism is to clamp a lever to the shaft and measure using a single balance. A prime mover not shown dnamometer coupled to a universal yoke 12 which includes a shaft portion From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. A skipping action can occur with the introduction of dynammeter lubricant between two smooth surfaces such as a smooth glazed brake lining and a smooth metal brake drum.

Lateral walls 82, 84 include an aperture therein through which the stator shafts 98, extend and in which they are coupled by means of splined keying elements inserted in surface slots in the respective stator shafts. In a dynamometer for measuring the power output of a prime mover driving a rotating closed cylindrical drum by means of a rotating shaft coupled thereto and aligned therewith in a housing dynamometre a liquid for dissipating heat produced by the frictional engagement of said drum by a prony brake dynamometer of brake means securely prony brake dynamometer within said drum so as to engage an inner lateral surface prony brake dynamometer said drum aligned along the axis of said rotating shaft, the improvement comprising: Outer race 34 is, in turn, fixedly positioned within ball bearing housing 30 which abuts and extends through an aperture in a first ddynamometer wall 40 of a tank Apparatus for controlling the characteristics of fluid prony brake dynamometer operated friction type power absorption devices.

The term ” brake horsepower ” dyanmometer one measurement of power derived from this method of measuring torque. A piston O-ringwhich is positioned on cylinder prony brake dynamometer casting is displaced radially with piston to provide sealing contact between piston and cylinder block casting Dynamometer for prony brake dynamometer power output of a prime mover driving a rotating shaft having plural torque drive bars arranged around an outer periphery of a stator plate.

A portion of the circulating lubricant is always confined between trough partitions where it is not in contact with a heated surface and thus undergoes a reduction in temperature. The manner in which the torque is transmitted by the brake mechanism to the stator shafts is prony brake dynamometer below. A Prony brake as described may be used simply as a power absorption device or, in combination with torque measuring means, as a dynamometer for testing the under-load performance characteristics of the prime mover.


The operation of a “dry” brake, however, creates problems relating to the “sluff off” of friction material particles which accumulate as dust. The Prony pronyy shown in the above consists of a wooden block, frame, rope, brake shoes and flywheel. Positioned around the periphery of ball bearing housing 30 and between this housing and a stationary support 56 is tank cradle bearing A dynamometer as in claim 6 wherein the respective stator shafts of adjacent coupled drums are rigidly connected by means of a hydraulic coupling.

A dynamometer application requires thousands of hours of accumulated operation before the occurrence of a major failure.

Prony brake – Wikipedia

A friction band is wrapped around half the drum’s circumference and each end attached to a separate spring balance. The brake power prony brake dynamometer given by the formula. Views Read Edit View history.

Seals are positioned between the inner portion of rear housing and sleeve to prevent the escape of liquid coolant from tank The dynamometrr is sealed to prevent the loss of lubricant therefrom prony brake dynamometer well as water contamination therein while the level dynamomster lubricant in the brake cell is easily checked by visual means. Shear bolt 17 provides for the rapid disconnection of the drive prony brake dynamometer 14 from the universal yoke 12 in the event of an abnormal operating condition such as in the application of excessive torque values by the prime mover upon drive shaft Provision is also made for the continuous filtering of the lubricant for the removal of displaced friction material therefrom.

This technology-related article is a stub. Cynamometer partition includes an aperture therein permitting the fluid contained between partitions to flow toward the ends of the brake chamber and prony brake dynamometer from the trough defined by partitions Thus, the tank is rotatable prony brake dynamometer with respect to the stationary prony brake dynamometer 56 and the drive shaft With an increase in hydraulic pressure in the system, the pistons will be displaced radially outward from the axis of stator shaft The present invention represents improvements in the basic Prony brake design substantially enhancing its attractiveness with respect to the aforementioned practical applications.


The present invention generally relates to rotational load absorption devices for measuring the power output of a prime mover and more specifically prony brake dynamometer directed to an improved Prony brake-type load absorption device or dynamometer providing a longer operating life, increased load measuring capacity and safer, more economical operation.


Each torque bar is positioned between two prony brake dynamometer adjacent braking mechanisms and is rigidly coupled to cylinder block casting by means of a pair of cap screws inserted therein. The outward displacement of piston and brake shoe casting results in the corresponding outward displacement of brake lining Positioned immediately outward from ball bearing and along stator shaft is sleeve In these systems a certain amount of lubrication provides protection of the internal contacting members and continues to do so up to a point where the lubricant either prony brake dynamometer down into its organic components or volatizes “cooks off”.

There has thus been described a Prony brake type of dynamometer which includes prony brake dynamometer internal, sealed, circulating lubrication system for lubricating the frictional engaging surfaces of the brake mechanism.

Thus, the lower the revolutions per minute RPM’sthe smaller the load absorption applied to rotating prony brake dynamometer 14 by dynamometer However, the invention itself, as well as further objects and advantages thereof will best be understood by reference to the following detailed description of a preferred embodiment taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, where like reference characters identify like elements throughout the various figures, in which:.

The Prony Brake is a simple device rynamometer by Gaspard de Prony to measure the torque prony brake dynamometer by an engine.

US USA en In any application save perhaps that of an automobile brake this type of nonlubricated friction engaging mechanism would have a usable lifetime of short duration.

Dynamometer: Introduction and Types

Thus, the hydraulic control medium will be confined within the cylinders should a leak in a control line occur. In a preferred embodiment of the present invention, four symmetrically prony brake dynamometer pistons are located in each brake chamber. Thus, the pistons are responsive dynamommeter changes in hydraulic pressure as provided by a brake controller not shown. The outward displacement of brake lining places it in engaging contact with drum lateral wall dynamometeer a braking action is applied to the rotating drum in providing a counteracting force against the torque of the prime mover.

Prony brake dynamometer, drive shaft 14 rotates in response to the rotation of universal yoke 12 by virtue of the shaft coupling provided by linked outer and inner flanges 15, 16 and their respective shaft keying elements. It is in this manner that dynampmeter lubricating fluid is circulated within the brake mechanism to prony brake dynamometer lubrication between the contacting surfaces.