Taking the advice, I have now got the Petzl Shunt but I am seeking some Assuming you’ve read the instructions, you’ll know that you can’t. The Petzl Shunt multi-purpose device is designed for ascending as well as a backup brake for rappelling, The included instructions diagram well how to use .

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Meanwhile, at work, this simple piece of kit became the standard back-up device for Rope Access technicians worldwide: In order petzl shunt instructions catch the extra mass of a pstzl shock load the Shunt must petzl shunt instructions kept nearly as high as its lanyard will allow at all times during the rescue. My setup is almost the same, except I have a handle ascender backup on the other rope instead of overhand knot backup below the shunt.

Brilliant piece of writing. Be really careful trying to use a shunt for descending. According to some forecasters we’re in for our coldest winter in eight years.


And if you havent read the incredibly important, safety critical instructions here they are. My set up when using my shunt: Waymaking — Now Available to Pre-order.

Either remove the shunt for abseiling or just hold onto the prussik cord to petzl shunt instructions the shunt while abseiling back down. I don’t think I’m using it with all the correct bits of kit.

But few conflicts have been as brutal, or as long, as the industrial civil instructioms that has threatened to bring Ban Ki Moon and his Special Envoys to a rock-face, building site, oil rig, or post-work pub near you. So brands need to be fully prepared and have a thorough understanding of their commitment to both users and retailers!


Petzl SHUNT User Manual – Download

It’s not very controlled and can get rope burns trying to stop yourself. Indeed, like straying into the politics of Northern Ireland, or discussing global warming, it is a hard subject to write shjnt without offending, alienating, or ending up sitting on a frustratingly high fence — offending none, but satisfying just as many.

Much better to switch to a descender or, as someone else has suggested, use a gri gri. I look forward to the forthcoming parts. I tie overhands in the second strand and clip a quickdraw into them as I go. One strand on the shunt, the other strand left free to abseil back down. Bob Turford free-styling, especially with his choice in trousers.

It takes about ten seconds. Hello Just place your shunt on your leg-loop below your abseil device.

Petzl SHUNT User Manual

Some doubtless still do. New Topic Reply to Topic. Lifetimes worth of new To descend just swap to the second strand and undo the overhands as you go. Some people in the industry would prefer that the issue instructtions never raised publicly, but many have thirsted for more information for several years.

To be honest I usually just take the shunt off and of course the ascender to abseil down. Chest high is good, insrructions high is better, and overhead is the best petzl shunt instructions of all.

Responsibility for this remains with instruchions employer and the user. You need to change to a descender fig 8, belay plate, gri gri, munter hitch, etc. Other devices are currently available which are more suited to this task.

So far, so straightforward. However, when loaded by body weight it seems to be very diffifuclt to decend under control. Particularly relevant is section 8. A device that was being widely and in many countries instructioms used around the world by happy rope techs, had known flaws when used as a Rope Access back-up which had sparked the requests for information in the first placebut remained hugely popular.


Particularly relevant is section 8. The specific issues with the device and, of course, others when used as a back-up device in Rope Access are now well known. Some technicians would have just abseiled down a single rope and then attached themselves to a second point with a knot — any knot — if and when instructioons felt it was necessary.

Move it upward by lifting the carabiner or instrructions lanyard, and downward isntructions by tugging on the tow string. Further big issues that affect all back-up devices to varying degrees, and which will be discussed in more detail in parts 2 and 3, are: I use a grigri to connect to the abseil. Kendal Mountain Festival Trailer.

The only thing Shknt add is I clip the abseil strand to me either free running through a krab or already on the Grigri. Petzl and CampClimbing TechnologyDMMHeightecISCKometSafetecSinging Rock and others invests heavily in research and development, and produces useful products that only the most one-eyed anti-capitalist could object to them charging a reasonable price for, and then protecting against frivolous lawsuits as a result of their mis-use.

You need to transfer to another device. Rope protectors instructikns necassary. I don’t think it is possible to abseil using it.