24 Oct Stompas, Morkanaut, and Bad Moons rules for the new Orks codex were just revealed by Stompa & Morkanaut Getting Updates Rules. 18 Oct More Ork codex rules have been spotted for their new book, with the Deffkilla Wartrike, stratagems, and Stompa rules are all in the spotlight. 4 Jun Don’t let the stats fool you, these things can and will brutalize nearly Supporting a Stompa with a cloud of Orks of any variety – whether on foot.

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It shoots with a much better profile and has 3d3 shots vs the old D It is also essential to equip it with a Gaze of Mork and a assortment of rokkits and shootas.

Ogk it just me, or are all of the Ork FW vehicles really underwhelming?

The Stompa has a few important uses, like the role of damage soaker objective protector. We take reports seriously. A Stompa has one Access Point at the rear. June 5, If you want to uppgrade ork stompa rules stompx your boyz to a Boss Nob.

Get that Grot gunline rocking.

He can get back in later, but that takes too many turns to really work. P too ruules, maybe down the road I would like to paint one but no cash at the moment for thatZ plus I have a pile of models to paint still haha. This thing has Bad Moons painted all over it!

This is a true Stompa design. I’ll just have to say I’m too green and Orky. If you have a gunline, shoot down whatever is most threatening to ork stompa rules rest of your army. It’s just the Chinork and the Squiggoths that have that problem, really — the Grot stuff can and probably should equip entirely Assault weapons and is BS 4 anyway.


What holds it back just like all Ork walkers is the terrible Initiative, making it easy pickins for opposing Super-Heavy Walkers like Imperial Knights to cut it down before swinging. Too bad other Titans can hit this enemy crab’s weak point for massive damage double meme? I imagine every Ork army will take a ork stompa rules from now on for the teleport option. WarhammerCompetitive subscribe unsubscribe 9, readers users here now Posting here is, by nature of this sub, a request for criticism.

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Assaulty The Stompa benefits from all the great bonuses super-heavy walkers have, most notably the ability to Stomp.

If you don’t like what someone has to say, tell them with a response, not with a downvote. Stomoa one CP to give a thirty-man blob of Orks S5? Oh and remember all that talk about shooting and Bad Moons? This is a great Formation if you want to make a super top heavy list, take a Stompa and minimal Grot units and then invest everything into HQs with a delivery system.

Imperator Guides: Orks Tactica – Stompa

Always remember though your opponent is usually just as afraid of your Stompa as you are afraid of losing it. The weird thing is that the Mega Dread with kill kannon has completely disappeared, leaving only the Meka Dread, which does not get the kill kannon option.

Like most Stompas, Meks are a creative bunch and are known to customize their Stompa’s with colours, banners, skulls and spikes. That, or the Mek is drumming up his own Waaagh!

New Ork Rules For Stompas & Bad Moons REVEALED

The “actical ploy” has somehow worked, set the Stompa up more than 12″ from any enemy models. Now you will find is a break down each unit into five broad categories.


To understand what the competitive mindset is all about, start here with this article that describes what playing to win is and isn’t. Log in or sign up in seconds. This makes the Stompa a very deceiving unit and one that can get units inside to any place on the board easily.

Point for point it:. And we know how much Goffs view Meks in general Hint: Now clearly this is a flawed example because a vanilla ish point battlewagon doesn’t have the shooting flexibility that a stompa does, but the wider point is that in every area close combat, shooting, and survivability the stompa is outclassed.

Once reserved for Apocalypse games, the Stompa has made its way over to standard Warhammer 40k as the first 7th edition codex Super-Heavy. Warhammer 40, Orks Vehicles. Where id I ark da Stompa?: This page was last modified on 16 Octoberat Do you like melee or shooty Orks?

First and foremost, the kustom mega-kannon is now a kustom mega-zappa, and boasts a much better attack profile, with 3D3 shots instead of D Submit a new link.

Now sometimes you ork stompa rules faced with a opposing unit you cannot take out, and you need to send the Stompa in to do the oek, in these situations it important you assault ork stompa rules another unit, making sure you can keep as few high strength attacks from hitting the Stompa.

Oh my, that will have syompa running for his codex lists!