In his familiar and accessible style, Chris Kyriacou examines the nature and development of teaching skills. Taking into account the DfES’s competencies for. In his familiar and accessible style, Chris Kyriacou examines the nature and development of teaching skills. This book will be an invaluable aid for the student . Providing an overview of key classroom skills, this book aims to help teachers to explore and develop their own practice. The book is intended for both student.

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Effective Teaching in Schools: Certainly, the ideal approach will be one in which the teacher is able to devote some time, well in advance, to the planning of each lesson. Asking a question with interest conveyed in your tone of voice and facial expression, as opposed to sounding tired and bored, makes a world of difference to the type of response you will get, no matter how appropriate the actual essential teaching skills chris kyriacou was. Nevertheless, there are times, particularly when beginning a career in teaching, or occasionally when things are going wrong, that you will feel anxious.

Higher order questions involve reasoning, analysis and evaluation, whereas lower order questions are concerned with simple recall or comprehension.

Only when exercise books are collected in, or questions asked at the end of the lesson, or subsequent tests are given, might it become evident that much less learning was going on than appeared to essential teaching skills chris kyriacou the case.

While beginning teachers will certainly need to spend more time planning, some of the differences between teachers at the same level of experience seem to relate to their general style or approach to planning. At any one time you are likely to have several demands pressing on you for action. You will also essential teaching skills chris kyriacou to outline the main structure for the lesson e. First, there is clearly an interplay between these seven areas, so that the skills exercised in one area may simultaneously contribute to another area.

You also need to be able to offer feedback in a way that is unthreatening, since once a pupil feels anxious, it is harder for the pupil to follow what is being said. Given that open and higher order questions are more time consuming, it would be difficult to use these very frequently without constraining other intentions, such as the need to maintain an appropriate pace to the lesson, or to involve essential teaching skills chris kyriacou of the pupils.


Is it to illustrate to pupils how ICT can be used to explore the topic in hand? Now, for some pupils the processes involved in writing a poem are rather mysterious, and little headway may be made.

Such techniques help to establish a positive mental set towards the lesson, i. How do you make essential teaching skills chris kyriacou use of small group discussion? A teacher may know how to teach well, but that may not translate easily into the role of how best to guide and help student teachers develop their own expertise.

It is also useful to bear in mind the times when such monitoring is vulnerable. As such, it is well worthwhile to ensure that as many pupils as possible are clear about the task in hand before the class is allowed to start the work. If pupils are issuing the books, ensure that they do so essentjal and essential teaching skills chris kyriacou care.

Essential Teaching Skills, Third Edition

Third, planning quite considerably reduces how much thinking you will have to do during the lesson. Pairs are most commonly used, in part for logistical reasons and in part because both partners will get more contribution time teahcing when in a larger group.

Kyriacou and McKelvey,indicates that essential teaching skills chris kyriacou teachers are generally very skilful in these three important aspects of their chrls practice. The basic point here is that such knowledge is largely implicit and taken for granted. If we consider questioning skills essential teaching skills chris kyriacou an example, clearly all teachers need to develop such skills.

Another aspect of establishing this mental set is to check that every pupil is ready and prepared for the start of the lesson.

Similarly, experienced teachers have built up a repertoire of many sets of behaviours from which to select that behaviour most appropriate to the immediate demands of the situation, whether it is dealing with a pupil who is unable to answer a question, or noticing a pupil looking out of a window. Packs dealing with teaching skills, such as these, can be downloaded free of charge from the DfES chriss essential teaching skills chris kyriacou.

Once a routine for a quick and smooth start to lessons has been well established, you can normally relax the formality of the start, as pupils will quickly respond. Indeed, in some schools, having spare pens to hand is almost essential for the smooth running of lessons. All pupils are challenged and stretched whatever standard they are working at.

essential teaching skills chris kyriacou

Essential Teaching Skills, Third Edition – PDF Free Download

At the same time, there may be an overlay of other objectives in operation, such as the intention to give a particular able pupil the opportunity to do some extended work on this essential teaching skills chris kyriacou, the intention to help and encourage a pupil who has been showing a lack of interest, and the intention to use this topic to show that doing mathematics is fun and relates to important real-life applications.


Rather, they approach the task of planning in a skils problem-solving manner by addressing the problem of how best to structure the time and experience of pupils during the lesson.

These seven sets of essential teaching skills are further developed in Table 1, and form the basis for each of the following chapters of this book. Iyriacou tasks Academic tasks refer to activities set up by teachers to facilitate pupil learning, which can proceed with little or essential teaching skills chris kyriacou direct teacher participation once they are up and running. Research indicates that the way the activity is structured can have a positive impact on the quality of learning that takes place.

Teaching often then becomes a matter of routine. This can be done by streaming, where pupils in a particular ability band stay together as a group for all lessons and topics; or setting, where pupils are put into a separate ability group for each subject or topic. This means that some activities in the lesson will be deliberately planned with a view to an assessment being made.

Essential teaching skills chris kyriacou the Elements Together. One of the skills involved in their effective use concerns the organisation of how and when pupils use these, and how and when essential teaching skills chris kyriacou receive feedback on their progress. Advanced organisers refers to ways in which the teacher alerts pupils to how the content and activities of the lesson can be organised and related to their previous knowledge and understanding.

Effective explaining Explaining often goes hand in hand with questioning, with the teacher switching from one to the other as and when appropriate. The impetus for this has included those concerned with the initial training and the in-service training tsaching teachers, those concerned to monitor the standard and quality of teaching performance, those involved in schemes of essential teaching skills chris kyriacou appraisal, and those concerned with understanding, as a research endeavour, what constitutes successful teaching.