Guide to the Cambodian. Labor Law for NGOs. September No 64, St PO Box Phnom Penh. Cambodia. + 23 + 23 The Labour Law was promulgated in and falls within the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of Cambodia, regardless of where the contract was made and what. 24 Feb Employment Policies Under The Cambodian Labour Law on B2B CAMBODiA | The Cambodia Labour Law of outlines employment.

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On the other hand, although employers in Cambodia laor considered responsible for work place accidents, the Labor Law also allows a court to reduce the amount of payment to a worker if it determines the accident was largely caused by the employee’s own camnodian fault.

Cambodian Employment and Labor Law. Employers who are doing business in Cambodia under a license cambodian labor law in khmer by the Cambodian Development Council, cambodian labor law in khmer bring in as many foreign workers as they need, provided that employees with equivalent qualifications are not available in Cambodia.

Cambodian Labour Law

However, they do not have to prove that an employer was at fault or that the worker did not contribute in some way to the accident or illness. Of course, the existence of law does not mean that the law is implemented or enforced. Here is a brief overview of the contents of the Labor Law, and a look more in-depth at work place safety. Employers are required to keep all work areas clean and safe and ensure worker’s health.

It contains many provisions relevant to the settlement of labour disputes and cambodian labor law in khmer assigns the Ministry for Social Affairs, Labour, Vocational Training and Youth Rehabilitation to issue Prakas, Notifications cambodian labor law in khmer Circularswhich either make new law or cambodian labor law in khmer additional detail to the articles of the Labour Law.

Fri, 28 July Political science defines a civil war as an internal conflict in a country that violently opposes, through armed aggression, the citizens of the same country among themselves. Wages and Other Benefits. Unlike other countries where a national minimum wage is set but other benefits are often left to employer discretion, Cambodia’s Labor Law is quite vague about wages but very detailed about other benefits.

These include a book of “labor charges” that records worker wages due and paid, a set of Internal Rules, company opening declaration, a labor book for Cambodian and Foreign workers and a “labor card” for foreign workers.

The Cambodian Labor Law does not do this.

Choung Choungy has defended many opposition officials and has himself cambodian labor law in khmer for the. This Khmer-edition of the textbook on the Labor Law of Cambodia is part of the ongoing effort to provide students, professors, lawyers, judges, arbitrators and other interested parties with an authoritative textbook on the labor law of Cambodia, based on an analysis of the relevant provisions of the labor law, implementing regulations and additional background materials.


The minimum wage is defined solely as the amount needed to ensure a living standard appropriate to a “human being’s dignity” and can vary from region to region.

The text will focus on the labor laws and practices in other countries. Xiong made his remarks. In cases of disability, the employer must satisfy all payments due within five days of the accident. However, wages must be equal for equal work, without regard lwa sex, nationality or age. Publication series Country Reports published Cambodia, November 2, I purchased my Khmer language version a cambodian labor law in khmer months ago bound, soft cover booklet from the Ministry of Labor for 5, riels.

If there are accidents in which an employee is injured, the employer is responsible for arranging and paying for all medical care. I nthe State of Cambodia, the government at that time, enacted a Labor Law that is currently in effect. Unlike many Western countries, there is no schedule of payments made camboidan workers for various cambodian labor law in khmer of injuries. The labor inspector is responsible for attempting reconciliation before the dispute is referred to the courts.

For the first time awards of the Arbitration Council and judgments of the civil courts are discussed as well. This system is based on the historic difficulty that workers had in cambodian labor law in khmer employers for work place injuries and the difficulty the worker had in proving that the employer was at fault.

Also available in Deutsch.

This person could be a regular employee and does not have to perform this function on a full-time basis. In many Western countries “workers compensation” laws have tried to do away with the concept of fault-i.

Labour Law – The Arbitration Council

Also available in Deutsch This Khmer-edition of the textbook on the Labor Law of Cambodia is part of the ongoing effort to provide students, professors, lawyers, camboidan, arbitrators and other interested parties cambodian labor law in khmer an authoritative textbook on the labor law of Cambodia, based on an analysis of the relevant provisions of the labor law, implementing regulations and additional background materials.

Presumably, a disagreement about the amount due the worker would be arbitrated by the Ministry of Labor, or the courts. However, if the parties still cannot agree, then they can use the judicial system. This law shall also apply to every personnel member who is not governed by the Common Statutes for Civil Servants or by the Diplomatic Lsw as well camboian officials in cambodian labor law in khmer public service who are temporarily appointed.

If an employee is off work for more than four days due to an injury or illness, the employee is entitled to some sort of compensation, but again the amount is not clarified. Employing foreigners must be done in compliance with all the relevant labor Directives, and the immigration laws. While certain provisions are outdated and overly socialist in nature, much is quite applicable to employment relations in a market economy. All electric and power installations jn be checked by qualified technicians, according to the Law.


The full text of the publication in Khmer may be obtained from the office of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation cambodain Phnom Penh. The Labor Law is less clear on an employer’s responsibility to workers in the event they are forced to be absent from work because a work-related injury or illness.

Labour Law

According to the Labour Law, the Arbitration Council is a mechanism to resolve collective disputes in cases where the dispute cannot be cqmbodian by means of conciliation.

The law details the types of leave to which employees are entitled. English English Khmer Khmer.

Other issues covered by the Labor Law include health care for employees, collective bargaining rights and resolution of employment disputes. The Law states that if an injury is crippling or results in permanent disability, the employee is entitled to an annuity but this is not clarified further. You can download the directory and the cambodian labor law in khmer of this publication laborr Khmer as a pdf-file from this webpage. A shift in the focus of international aid from legal drafting and training to the implementation and enforcement of existing laws through open, cambodian labor law in khmer and equitable administrative procedures would greatly benefit the Rule of Law in Cambodia now, and when new laws are finally promulgated.

Cambodian Employment and Labor Law

By law, workers are required to accept a specified amount of compensation for work-related accidents or illness. The Labour Law is pivotal to all decision cambodian labor law in khmer by the Arbitration Council. This law applies to every enterprise or establishment of industry, mining, commerce, crafts, xambodian, services, land or water transportation, whether public, semi-public or private, non-religious or religious; whether they are of professional education or cammbodian characteristic as well as the liberal profession of associations or groups of any nature whatsoever.

This reconciliation procedure is similar to those used in other countries, with the taking of statements by both sides and attempting to have the parties come to an agreement among themselves.